Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Look Mummy! Bureaucracy gone Mad!

Take a look a real life hero. In April, this police officer (pictured) went to assist a colleague after a man allegedly went on a rampage, slashing the throat of an elderly woman and stabbing her daughter. He then drove over a man with his vehicle and attempted to run down others.

But now we discover that instead of being commended for his bravely, the officer received a reprimand. After this picture was published he was asked by the commissioner to explain why he was wearing the ‘unofficial’ police baseball cap, rather than the regulation headwear.

But wait, it gets worse. The immediate superior to this officer was so disgusted by the response from management, he was moved to write in an email to ‘upstairs’: "Can you imagine the disbelief when (the officer) is advised he has to submit a police report for why he was wearing the baseball cap. . .(the officer) is very upset and demotivated by this," he wrote. "And so he should be. (the officer) was dumbfounded and quite rightly so."

And guess what ‘management’ did? They then proceeded to reprimand the author of the email, for being ‘inappropriate’.

This is just insane. If a crazy murderous low-life was rampaging through my town, I’d be pleased to see any cop, irrespective of how he is dressed, taking action to safeguard my safety. Instead, the ‘commissioner’ in charge would rather criticise this hero for failing wear the appropriate hat.

I can’t imagine turning away any rescuer because of his or her appearance. Crumbs, if I’m about to loose my life, rescue me in your undies. Or less! And how much worse would it be if an officer delays reacting to an emergency if he has to second guess his appearance? Life saving seconds could be lost.

Members of the force say that is yet another example of a "lack of support from management" contributing to stress among frontline police. In my opinion, it’s indicative of superiors not wanting to lead by example, but would rather lead by memo.

To the officers involved, the rest of the country salutes you. Perhaps this is an indication of why so many good officers are leaving the force and taking jobs that pay better with employers who better appreciate their skill and talent.

And as for the management involved, make sure you let us know when you are next coming to town. Me and a few mates are keen to give you a few swift kicks up the backside.

Pic: Adelaide Advertiser